Sergio George after dissolving the production company that promoted Peruvian artists: “The salsa singer doesn’t earn that much money”

The producer US Sergio George finds himself in the public eye after his job separation with Yahaira Plasencia. After meeting in a well-known restaurant and celebrating his late birthday, the expert in musical productions could not help but talk about the sauce boat and what is coming for him. Furthermore, he spoke of the end of ‘Chim Pum Music’.

This production company, which was a record label that the popular ‘Serch’ promoted to support Peruvian talent, came to an end, as confirmed by the musician himself along with ‘La Patrona. for the cameras ‘Love and fire’, the extinct acquaintance of ‘La Yaha’ spoke about it.

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“This has nothing to do with Yahaira, This has to do with my personal growth,” he said at first. He also responded to the question that the Willax reporter launched, in front of Yahaira Plasencia. “Has it made you realize that the artists here in Peru They are not profitable and that is why you are putting a pause on it?”, they questioned him.

Given this, he responded directly and precisely, sharing his reasons for closing that support with the producer. “No. It’s just that I can’t dedicate the necessary time to them. This project was done with passion to help the Peruvian artist. Here the salsa artist doesn’t earn that much money, let’s tell the truth, they earn well,” he asserted to the press.

By your side, Rodrigo Gonzalez he ‘hesitated’ it and shared a singular comment. “Are they not profitable either?” she expressed.

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Magaly Medina criticized Sergio George and Yahaira Plasencia after a reunion

The journalist Magaly Medina used her television space to comment on the last reunion of Yahaira Plasencia with Sergio George after the end of their employment relationship. The ‘Magpie’ he questioned the gestures of the sauce boat. “More of the same. I’m used to those phrases that the two repeat. When the ‘Serch’ speaks, they have to see the face of the ‘Yaha'”, she expressed.

Then, it was sent with a unique message and specified that the singer has “airs and poses.” “She was in total hypocrisy,” she remarked when she saw her reaction to the reporter from her entertainment program. “I do not know if George he smacked Yaha on the head. She was laughing, she was an Ethel (Well), she was an ‘America Today’ Plus, hypocrisy in person,” added the redhead.

In addition, he chimed in on the producer’s compliments, despite the fact that he criticized her in the past. “She doesn’t like to look bad with anyone. He’s in front of her and ‘sobones’ her. Look at the disguises next to Sergio. What an embarrassment it gives me. They are both so decadent and pathetic, “

On the other hand, Magaly Medina was sent with everything when she saw that Yahaira Plasencia tried to justify that Sergio George called her “gross”. “The Americans speak like that.” She must have a superiority complex as if the Americans were from another planet,” said the host of ATV.