Sergio Peña after finishing with Tepha Loza, sings loudly: “How toxic you are, I don’t want to see you anymore” [VIDEO]

Was it sent with a strong hint? The fleeting relationship of the footballer, Sergio Peña and the model and member of This is war, Tepha Loza would have been in the past. The couple, apparently, no longer follows each other on social networks, and this ends speculation that they would continue their relationship at a distance. This was revealed by the Instarandula portal. What happened?

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That would not be all, because for “cherry on the cake” the midfielder of the Peruvian national team showed off with two beautiful blondes in a nightclub, leaving behind a possible reconciliation with Melissa Loza’s sister. Meanwhile, he enjoyed himself with his friends, he did not stop singing the song ‘MAMIII de Becky G, and KAROL G’, whose chorus says the following:

“From how toxic you are, it became harmful, what goes away, goes away. Don’t make a mistake with me, how toxic you are, I don’t want to see you anymore, ”says part of the lyrics of the popular song.

On the other hand, Tepha was not far behind either, and shared a publication where she is seen in a wheelchair. Apparently the model had an injury on the reality show on America television. The publication also went with its indirect share: “If they don’t love you like that, it’s not there.”

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Tepha Loza suffers for her health and breaks down in tears: “I’m going through a very scrubbed process”

She is very affected. Tepha Loza has been talking about posing affectionately with an unknown heartthrob amid rumors of her breakup with Sergio Peña, but that’s not all, since she is also having a pretty bad health, so she made it known to the followers of her in social networks.

In the stories of his official account of InstagramMelissa Loza’s sister broke down before her followers and in tears said that she is suffering from her condition, since she cannot sleep properly and feels a lot of pain.

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Sergio Peña and the message he deleted that would confirm Tepha Loza’s departure

Trouble in paradise? In the last edition of the program Magaly TV: The Firm The alleged estrangement between the soccer player Sergio Peña and his sentimental partner Tepha Loza was known, even rumors of a love break have arisen. In addition, it was known that the player shared a peculiar message that he later deleted.

“Let’s go to the broken hearts. Tepha Loza Apparently she’s in love and she was dating the soccer player Sergio Peña, he plays in Europe, she’s going to visit him… But, suddenly, Sergio Peña has arrived in Peru, but they haven’t seen each other… He putting a strange and strange medium message that he later took from his social networks,” he said at first.

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Valeria Flórez after the alleged end of Tepha Loza’s romance: “She imagined that Peña was going to ask for her hand”

It was sent with everything! The renowned model Valeria Flórez has been surprising more than one of her by launching spicy comments for some characters of the Peruvian show business in her Willax Television program. This time, the influencer did not hesitate to comment on the supposed estrangement between the soccer player Sergio Peña and the reality girl Tepha Loza.

“She’s kind of intense. I think she may have imagined the story of Prince Charming, after the torment she lived with Pancho Rodríguez, who ended and returned, recontra toxic. She said that she met Sergio Peña’s parents and she already imagined that she was going to ask for her hand very soon, ”said the model Valeria Flórez quite confidently.

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What happened to Tepha Loza and why is she in a wheelchair?

This July 29, the model Tepha Loza He shared a photo in a wheelchair and this is because he suffered a serious injury, the same one that has caused him to leave the competition in “Esto Es Guerra” and cannot continue with his exercise routine.

turns out Tepha Loza He has a fracture in the talus, which prevents him from leading a normal life and which would be putting his health at risk.