Sergio Vargas: “I invite you to come to the Dominican Republic and let’s see the problem of Haiti together”

The merenguero Sergio Vargas took advantage of the Latin Grammy stage, in which he received the award for “Best merengue and / or bachata album”, to refer to the socio-political crisis in Haiti, a country that is experiencing “a crisis of great sadness” in the Caribbean region.

“I invite you to come to the Dominican Republic and let’s see the problem of Haiti together, and give a hug to that region in the Caribbean that needs us so much,” said “Negrito de Villa” at the event in Las Vegas, United States. United.

Vargas stressed that he was traveling from “a region on the same route to the sun” in which “we share the island with Haiti” and “today this region involved in a crisis of great sadness: Haiti.”

He also dedicated the award to Villa Altagracia, “a town north of the Dominican capital, Santo Domingo” and to his J / & N Records label.

Likewise, he dedicated it to “all the composers, producers, musicians who have been part of my long artistic career; a Grammy for La Filarmónica de Villa Altagracia !, infinitely grateful!”.

With his album “Es merengue, ¿hay problema?”, Sergio Vargas won the category of “Best merengue and / or bachata album” at the Latin Grammy Awards, which was awarded by the Latin Recording Academy in Las Vegas, United States.

It is the first Latin Grammy award received by “Negrito de Villa” in his almost 40-year career since at the end of 1981 he won second place at the Festival de la Voz organized by musician Rafael Solano and Yaqui Núñez del Risco.

In the category Best merengue and / or bachata album, Alexandra with “Bachata Queen” also competed; Manny Cruz, “Love Dance Merengue”; Luis Segura, “The father of bachata, his legacy (Anoñado I, II, III, IV)” and Fernando Villalona with “Insanity”