Seven ways to kiss your partner

Have you ever wondered what that way of kiss What can drive your partner crazy? Or what is the purpose of a kiss? On the occasion of international kiss daywe tell you that kisses are the previous romp that lead you to a sexual end, but this does not stop there, this sign of affection can mark in you feelings of love for the desired person and is the most direct way to express what the heart sometimes cannot say.

The first contact with any area of ​​the desired person is already a semi-sexual union, the kiss for its part is an erotic practice that must be revalued because the mouth itself, both for men and women, has a high erotic power.

Susan Hughes, a psychologist at the University of California, in her magazine “They are the way we are”, says that “women, unlike men, use kissing as a bond with their partner and as an evaluation to see if they are a good candidate; the man, for her part, uses it as a means to a sexual end.”

We could say that the different types of kisses can arouse your sexual desire, but they also manifest all kinds of positive emotions in you. These are the most famous types of kisses:


Passionate kiss.

Kiss on one of the lips: It is one of the most common kisses of couples in love, because it is one of those that express love, loyalty, calm, trust and security. It is about each one focusing only on one of the lips gently, slowly and without haste. Simply to enjoy your partner. One of those types of kisses to keep your heart full and feel pure happiness.

Kisses in the private parts: These types of kisses turn your partner on a thousand times, making it clear that the romp is over and they will go straight to the action, although these types of kisses must be given gently and slowly to maintain the atmosphere. Slowly you can brush your lips like a soft caress and make it part of the previous romp, this will make you go crazy and your meeting will be hotter.

French kiss: as some would say, the famous tongue kiss. This is a type of kiss to begin to awaken passion, since, in addition to the lips, we begin to touch our tongues and explore a little in each other’s mouths in a sensual way. It is one of the types of kisses that we all like as long as we have the same rhythm in the way we interact with our tongues.

body kiss: there are many other areas in the body that are worth kiss, such as the chest, stomach, torso, feet, and legs. This all depends on people’s preferences and their tickle meter. Remember, what feels good to one person may not feel good to another. “If you really pay attention to your partner’s body language, you’ll get a lot of information,” says Richmond.

Seven ways to kiss your partner


Kiss on the neck.

Kiss on the neck: it is a gesture that denotes, above all, passion and desire. It is an erogenous zone for both men and women, since the skin of this area of ​​the body has a large number of nerve endings; For this reason, kisses on the neck are almost always loaded with a strong sensual and/or sexual component.

Kisses with bite: playful kisses and bites on the lips, cheeks, jaw, collarbone or neck can be really tempting. A provocative kiss par excellence, daring and dominant. It is very appropriate for moments of passion to increase the temperature.

Passionate kiss: It is that kind of kisses that want to take you to another level. Your heart races and excitement begins to rise. Let’s say it’s a mix between the classic kiss that takes you to the French kiss and boom, the speed increases and the hands begin to intervene because they are totally dedicated to each other and want to hug and caress each other. A kiss to continue it in bed.

Kiss someone fosters feelings of attachment and affection. Although a kiss can occur in different circumstances and with different intentions, what is clear is that it inspires positive feelings; kiss stimulates the brain favorably. Nerve endings are also activated and oxytocin is produced, the hormone responsible for tranquility and well-being. There is also cortisol, the hormone related to stress, which is also activated, providing a calming effect, in both men and women.