‘Sewing of Dreams’: young people and girls seeking their ‘awakening’ in fashion

Fashion is not only about wearing a ‘look’ that speaks of the latest trends. Nor is it all eye catching when making a couture suit. It is more than that. It is ‘weaving dreams’ with ‘laces of hope’ for those who see their greatest desire in this area.

Designer Isabel Reynoso, president of the Dominican Republic Fashion Institute (Inmoda RD), sees it that way. Through the work carried out by this entity, they have carried out activities to promote fashion among young people. One example is the delivery of sewing machines that were recently handed over to fashion students from the Instituto Técnico Superior Comunitario de San Luis, who were also given lectures on useful topics for the future of their careers. Similarly, they delivered machines to another group in the San Antonio de Guerra municipality where members of Inmoda RD visited the Eugenio de Jesús Marcano Fondeur Polytechnic to surprise five deserving students who dream of being great fashion designers in the country. “They must follow their dreams of venturing into the fashion area. There are no excuses because for this we are providing them with this tool, which is vital for their entrepreneurship and professional growth. It is the one that has to form the foundations for them to become great. designers, and that they may be able to represent us inside and outside the country “, advises Reynoso.

Early backup

A meeting with 52 minors at the Doña Chucha Girls School Home where design and sewing kits were delivered as part of the project ‘Sewing of Dreams’, of the aforementioned institute, made clear the early support that is being given to those who at a young age already identify fashion as their passion. During the activity, Two practical workshops were given: one on fashion illustration and the other on basic sewing. in order to reap the passion and creative spirit for girls’ fashion from this iconic home. “Without a doubt, with this type of activity we closed the year 2021 with a flourish, in which we also raffled and delivered five web pages to fashion design entrepreneurs with a view to boosting their sales and their visibility in the market. It was a arduous selection where different relevant criteria in the industry were valued “, comments Isabel Reynoso. He took the opportunity to thank a series of institutions that have supported the work carried out from the aforementioned center. Among them he cites the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development, Prodominicana, among others. “It is thanks to your contribution that we have been able to continue working to make the fashion industry more capable, equipped and focused on developing and exporting itself. Make it the ‘hub’ of the Caribbean, to create more jobs and wealth that contribute to the GDP of the Dominican Republic, is our goal for this 2022 “, concludes the president of Inmoda.