Shakira and Piqué did not reach an agreement and will go to trial for custody, says journalist

Shakira and Piqué continue to face each other over the custody of their children. The Spanish journalist Jordi Martin revealed that the singer and the soccer player will go to trial after breaking the agreement they had agreed. He assured that the Barcelona club player did not like the Colombian’s interview at all, in which he confessed everything he suffered due to her separation.

In an interview with “Love and fire”, the paparazzi explained that Piqué did not appear at the conciliation center, so the ex-partner is going through a new crisis in their relationship as parents.

According to the Spaniard, the agreement between Shakira and Piqué indicates that their children would live in Spain for two years. After that period, the little ones would go to live in Miami for two years. However, these measures would no longer be valid.

“That agreement has been broken. They tell me that the interview did not do Piqué any favors. and she decided to break that agreement… It is a very black week for Shakira, she has broken the agreement and she will have to go to trial for Piqué and the custody of the children, ”said journalist Jordi Martin.

The singer Shakira shook the international show by giving an interview about her separation from Gerard Piqué. In an intimate conversation with Elle magazine, the Colombian artist confessed that she had sacrificed her career to maintain her relationship with the Spanish soccer player. In addition, she said that her refuge from feeling depressed was to continue making music.