Shakira blamed the media for her breakup with Piqué and the Spanish journalist the block: “I was disappointed” [VIDEO]

Fire! Shakira broke her silence about the end of her romance with Gerard Piqué after 12 years of relationship, and surprised with her statements, because in one of these she ended up stating that the media would be partly to blame, which outraged the Spanish journalist Marc Lleirado.

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Initially, the communicator praised the Colombian in conversation with the drivers of America Todaythis Thursday, September 22, as it showed that he would be having a bad time.

“Shakira has been a woman from head to toe, she has behaved with her children and he has not behaved up to it. (…) Analyzing the interview, I can say that Shakira is very bad,” he said Marc Lleirado.

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However, the journalist could not control his genius and reacted after Shakira has been upset with the paparazzi. “She is very sad and the feeling she gives me is that she could have depression. I was at her house yesterday, I left at 7 and there was no one left,” she said.

This was not all, Marc Lleirado reminded him that his separation with Gerard Piqué It would have been due to alleged infidelity. “He has disappointed me that he says ‘The media has cheapened the relationship with Piqué’, the media are not to blame for all of them, he has become vulgar because he went out with another girl when he was with Shakira”, he sentenced.

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Ethel Pozo full of praise for Shakira

Despite the words of the Spanish, Ethel Pozo joined with praise to Shakira. “Real Shakira, woman, mother, like you and me, destroyed. Many Latin American women grow up that we have to give the man, that we have to be the companion,” she specified.