Shakira goes through a complicated family moment: Report theft in Miami

Colombian singer Shakira has been residing in Miami with her children after separating from Gerard Piqué. However, she would not be at her best in this city, as her family is being affected after she was the victim of a robbery. The international media They reported that over the weekend, their niece suffered theft of her possessions.

It seems that the bad streak is chasing the popular artist, as it should be noted that she could face a lawsuit from her ex-partner due to the appearance of her children in her new song called Acrostic, for it is said that he did not ask permission for it. To this is added this family problem that also worries him. What happened?

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The GoFundMe platform spread the news that Isabella Mebarak, the singer’s niece, called on her followers to raise funds, explaining that they robbed her.

“An idiot stole my sister Isabella’s most treasured possessions. They stole her iPad, which is a key piece of her artwork, a phone and 2 bags,” the page reads. He also stressed that the stolen belongings are important to Shaki’s niece. “One bag (of the stolen ones) was expensive and inside this bag there were expensive things like makeup,” she said.

This robbery would have occurred in Mimi’s apartment, after Shakira shared a photo with her on social networks after attending her artistic work exhibition, since her niece is dedicated to making this type of other.

“As you read in the headline, a close relative of Shakira this weekend was robbed in his apartment, the thieves entered and stole valuable items. It is precisely her niece, that last week, we saw that Shakira was accompanying her exhibition. The girl has put on GoFundMe to raise money, ”said the presenter Orlando Segura in this regard.

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Gerard Piqué is seen keeping Shakira’s awards in his office

Gerard Piqué lives one of the best moments in his romance with Clara Chía Marti, but on social networks it has gone viral that he still has not completely forgotten Shakira, as they showed that in one of his videos from his office he still has some awards from the Colombian singer.

“He still hasn’t returned some of his awards to Shakira… One of the NRJ Music Awards is still in his office,” the video reads.