Shakira had transformations in the last 10 years: From romance with Piqué to her arrival in Miami

to their 46 years, The singer Shakira could not imagine all that she would have to live if she goes back to the 2010 when she was chosen so that she can be the interpreter of the emblematic theme of the World Cup South Africaperhaps and without thinking about it, that topic would mark a before and after because it was a great boost in his professional career, initially.

It is precisely in this sporting event that Spain is consecrated world champion and led her to be more united with Gerard Piqué, who is currently her ex-partner after having ended their sentimental relationship in 2022. However, at that time, the path between both joined, generating a transformation in the colombian artist.

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Shakira and Gerard Piqué announced their romance

It all started as a few long weeks of buzz in the 2011It was then that, exactly in March, Shakira got tired of speculation and announced the beginning of her romance with Gerard Piqué. From that moment on, all the lights from the cameras fell on both of them.

Although it is true that the barranquillera and Pique They were known before their union, the mediateness of the new sentimental bond that the two shared made them qualify as one of the most successful and controversial couples in the world, because, although it is true that they wanted to be discreet, from time to time they told certain details of the stage they were experiencing or were captured together.

This led to the first transformation of the Colombian singer: A more mediatic woman.

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Shakira moves to Barcelona

And that relationship between Shakira and Gerard Piqué grew stronger over the years until the singer arrived in Spain, no longer to visit her lover, but to move with him to a residence in Barcelona. Thus, the Colombian artist practically put everything aside and sought love with the former athlete for more than 12 years.

The decision to move was surely influenced because Pique She worked as a defender for FC Barcelona and, if they had plans to live together, she had to make the sacrifice and she stayed with gerardIt even stayed for a couple more months after their relationship no longer gave.

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Shakira becomes a mother

Shakira’s life went through a third change after her relationship with Gerard Piqué took another step in Barcelona: become a mother. Possibly the biggest transformation of the colombian artist In all this time, well, with two little ones in her arms, it is currently the only thing that keeps her together with the former athlete.

Since the birth of her heirs, the decisions of the interpreter of ‘Monotonía’ have changed on a personal level, since she considers their well-being in each situation that arises and that is how it was seen, well, as is known, now she has the possession of the creatures and led them to start a new life in MiamiUSA.

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Shakira and the Treasury, the problems she had

Dealing with fame is not easy and Shakira knows it, well, before that she also had to face the Tax authorities of Spain and the problems it sustained. These judicial processes for accusations of tax fraud have led her to have to go to court on several occasions.

Between 2012 and 2014 They pointed out that she should defraud 14.5 million euros, but after more than eight years of it, the process is still ongoing and she is proving her innocence despite everything that is said about her person.

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Shakira transformed in her songs

That is a subject that could not be missed, because Shakira’s latest songs have marked a revolution in music, not only because they sound good or the rhythm can be contagious, but because of the records she broke with them.

However, despite the awards obtained, the biggest change he has experienced due to his failed romance, he has expressed it in the lyrics of his songs, since the darts against his ex-partner Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí (currently in love with the ex-sportsman ) has turned her into another person and Karol G and Bizarrap know it.

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Shakira and the new life with her children in Miami

In recent weeks there has been talk of Shakira’s move to Miami to finally close the chapter on everything she experienced in Barcelona, when he was in a relationship with Gerard Piqué. But despite the setbacks that arose regarding the transfer date, it is finally in us territory.

Together with his two children, he decided to start a new life away from Europein a home where the family warmth will not be lacking, well, the parents of the Colombian singer will soon arrive at the mansion where she will be focused on new challenges.

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