Shakira is captured very happy cheering on her son Milan at a baseball game: “Bravo, my love!”

The Colombian singer Shakira reappeared in a baseball stadium all to support her son Milan, who was competing in an important game. Gerard Piqué It was also present in this place, but it was located in another space. The interpreter of ‘I congratulate you’ was seen to be quite happy encouraging her cocky one.

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A Shakira She was seen motivated by encouraging her 9-year-old boy last Friday and, as can be seen in the video, she gave him a lot of vibes. “Bravo, my love!” She hears herself say. She was in a sporty look, with a sweatshirt and a pink polo shirt and cap.

After that, the artist also attended another sporting event for her son in Valencia, where Piqué was also seen but from another seat. Despite this, neither of them exchanged words, but they show that being separated as a couple is not an impediment for them to support their children together as parents.

Gerard Piqué was wearing a blue shirt and black glasses. Little Sasha spent time with his mom and his dad at different times.

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Shakira shares a strange message on networks

After the breakup of Gerard Piqué with Shakira, the soccer player faces possible collateral damage that would involve a business project that was supported by the Colombian. The athlete’s company, where he met who would be his next partner, faces massive resignations due to discontent on the part of the workers.

The message shared by Shakira It has been very brief, but it has left a lot to the imagination of her followers, as several are eagerly awaiting the musical return of the Colombian: “It wasn’t your fault,” Shakira’s message reads. What’s coming?