Shakira: this would have been the reason why she cried in a shopping center, according to US media

Shakira is going through a good professional moment after his return to music with his latest collaboration with bizarre in session 53 that broke international records. On the other hand, after her media break with Gerard Piqué and the delicate state of health of her father, the woman from Barranquilla maintains an internal struggle that few know. In this sense, a few days ago a photo of the singer crying in a shopping center circulated. An American media revealed what would have been the reason.

CAN SEE: Shakira is caught crying in New York: what happened to the singer?

The magazine “Wake up America” He assured that the interpreter reached a level of stress that led to tears. This is because of everything she goes through both in her personal life and her professional life, according to what people close to the artist could detail.

“We investigated with people close to her and, apparently, the cause of Shakira’s reaction was caused by pure stress (…) Shakira could be experiencing the consequences of the stress of fame, many say, stress due to the situation she is experiencing ” , reported the american program.

Shakira cries in front of a fan in New York. Photo: Diario de Cádiz

Where was Shakira caught crying?

‘Shaki’ He was outside the international M&M’S store when he met an alleged fan with whom he had a chat that led her to cry and no longer be able to hide her sadness. The event did not go unnoticed by the public. The photo went viral on social networks and her followers are very concerned about it.

On the other hand, let’s remember that the author of “Loba” is concerned about the health of her father, William Mebarack, who has been repeatedly admitted to clinics as a result of a hard fall that caused a trauma that, over time, formed blood clots that complicated, together with his advanced age, his state of health.

On the other hand, Shakira, some time ago, gave statements about her state of mind, how she came to collaborate with Bizarrap and asserted that she was in a moment of learning, in addition to being expectant of what other things life had prepared for her.