Shakira would have been inspired to produce the ‘tiradera’ to Piqué based on a PXNDX album

A few months ago, Shakira announced to the world her new song titled “Music Session #53” when making a collaboration with Bizarrap. The message of that hit is that it has been a ‘tiradera’ for her ex Gerard Piqué. However, the media indicates that the singer would have been inspired by an album by the Mexican rock band PXNDX.

A great debate on social networks and various show programs was generated by hints from the Colombian artist to the former player after the end of their twelve-year romance. However, it is the disc “for you with contempt” with which they compare both situations, since the vocalist Jose Maderohe composed that album for a test taker.

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And it is that both musical works have the message of lack of love towards her ex-partner and after the Barranquilla woman showed the world the composition she made for Piquegenerated the controversy about artists who have done the same, being the case of PXNDX and the cd they released in 2005.

However, although the difference in popularity between Shakira and PNXDX It’s abysmal, before the Mexican rock group broke up in 2016, it was one of the most listened to Spanish-speaking bands that managed to win international awards and release a total of seven studio albums and two live, from 1996 to 2016.

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PXNDX and his album “Para ti con desprecio”, what is it about?

PXNDX was a Mexican band that began to caress great popularity with the release of their album “for you with contempt“Well, in that material they changed their musical style to a more sentimental one. This is because the vocalist Jose Madero He suffered a situation of disappointment that ended up expelling that pain in the form of a song.

The album was released in 2005 and quickly climbed to local radio stations and a new phase of musical tour awaited the band. However, some fans pointed out that the image on the cover is about the woman who broke the heart of Josébut others consider that it is a close friend that the members had.

What is striking about this material are the lyrics that each theme brings separately that look like a puzzle piece that must be put together. This is because on the back cover they close with a powerful phrase: “These songs exist because you don’t deserve what I gave you. The last one is about love so that you keep in mind what you destroyed.”