Shakira would list a millionaire suing Anuel AA for this reason

Billing time! Shakira is going through its best moment after its most recent productions with Carol G.who interpret “TQG” and have managed to exceed 190 million views in just two weeks of its premiere and is #1 in Music Trends. Given this, Anuel AA sarcastically responded to the possible demand. What did the Puerto Rican do?

Despite the musical success that both singers experience, they would not be entirely happy because Carol G. and Shakira They would go through the judicial offices again, and they would be planning a lawsuit against the urban genre singer, anuel aa. Know the reason why Shakira would act legally in this note from El Popular.

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What has caused Shakira’s annoyance?

The song “Más rica que ayer” is the new song by Anuel AA and it has generated great astonishment among the followers of the Puerto Rican rapper and the Colombian singer, because despite the fact that it does not mention Carol G.if you do it with Shakira and with his ex and father of his two children, Gerard Piqué.

This new theme that launched anuel aa would be the singer’s response to Carol G., but why did they include Shakira’s name in their new song? The heartbreak theme relates to a supposed “Baby” from whom both are separated and no longer have a relationship, but everything could be resolved if they write to the “DM” (private message), and highlight the words “You are not Shakira , nor I Piqué ”, a sentence enough to have made the singer-songwriter uncomfortable.

What will Shakira and her communications team do?

Despite the fact that the public has enjoyed the new theme of anuel aathe singer would not be happy, because she would already be thinking of suing the ex of “the bichota” for using his name in his song without his consent or prior agreement.

This news was confirmed by the program “At home with Telemundo”, although neither the Colombian nor her communications team have spoken about it, this possibility has already gone around the world. It is worth mentioning that the new song by Anuel AA has more than 25 million views in just 7 days.

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Anuel AA and his sarcastic response to the possible lawsuit

Does he make fun of Shakira? On his social networks, on March 7, the Puerto Rican singer published a photograph in which he posed next to a gigantic photograph of the singer-songwriter Shakira, with a big smile from ear to ear, staring at her. It seems that the Puerto Rican is not at all concerned about what the Colombian singer may decide, because upon learning that he could receive a million-dollar lawsuit, he decided to get a little bit out of this publication.

Netizens did not hesitate to comment and indicated that “a photo is taken to avoid the lawsuit” and that “it is an action to show affection towards Shakira.”