She falls in love with a man she met on Tinder, travels with him to Spain, but discovers a terrible truth

The unusual case of a 22-year-old British girl has gone around the world after revealing her partner’s best kept secret. Is about Madeleine Jayewho in love decided to travel to Spain with the man she met on Tinder, but never imagined that her “madness of love” would end in a nightmare.

According to the statements to “New York Post”, the man identified himself under the name of Jason and assured him that he was 32 years old. “I had never been on a Tinder date before in my life, so she was scared,” he stated.

“On our first date we met at 3pm, I had no intention of staying too long and then 10pm came around and we had been talking the whole time,” she added.

She thought they had chemistry, as they had the same way of thinking about the future. “We were talking about the future. We literally agreed on everything: when we want to have children, what we want our life to be like, what we want our future to be like, and we hit it off very well,” she noted.

They had a relationship for 3 months.

After three months of romance, the couple traveled to Spain for a week, but when they returned his partner’s girlfriend, pregnant, was waiting for him with his family at the East Midlands airport, in United Kingdom.

“When we landed, this girl came up to him and said, ‘I’m his girlfriend, I’m giving birth in two weeks.’ Mom and dad walk up, put the camera in his face, yell at me. I literally went into shock, like full body shock. I had never felt anything like this,” said the 22-year-old.

They planned a life together

Prior to the trip, Madelaine and Jason planned a future together, but things didn’t turn out as envisioned. Therefore, she decided to tell her story to warn about the dangers of meeting someone online.

“I was 37 years old. She lied about his last name. I looked up his last name on Facebook and his account came up with pictures of him and his girlfriend,” Jaye said.

“I felt horrible, because I felt like a bad person even though I had nothing to do with it. I would never dream of dating someone who has a family. I never wanted to get involved in any of this, and I made it clear to his girlfriend,” he said.