She felt tired “all the time”, goes to the hospital and is diagnosed with terminal cancer

At 24 years old, Alisi Jack-Kaufusinative of New Zealandbut resident in Queensland (United Kingdom), was diagnosed with a terminal illness. She did not know that permanent tiredness, bloating in the stomach and bleeding could be symptoms of a ovarian cancerassumed that he was “too young to have serious health problems”.

The event occurred in October 2017, when the woman was bleeding for a month, with dark tones, for which she decided to go to the doctor and undergo various tests such as blood tests, MRI and CT scans.

“No, this can’t be because I’m only 24 years old, you have the wrong person”

The specialists detected that something was blocking her ovaries and scheduled a biopsy to rule it out, but it would only be bad news. In December of the same year, they told him that he had cancer.

“Once I heard about ovarian cancer, I looked at mom and froze. I felt as if the room went silent and all I could see was the doctor’s mouth moving. It was all just a blur. I only remember saying to the doctor: ‘No, this can’t be because I’m only 24, you have the wrong person,'” she told the Daily Mail.

“My only regret is not having gone to the doctor sooner to have my symptoms checked, I put it off for about three months,” the young woman further explained.

The woman has now drawn up a list of 72 activities What would you like to do before you die, among which stand out go on a safari in south africago to a live beyonce concertSwim with turtlesDrive a rolls royce, among others. “Riding on the beach on horseback was very therapeutic and flying in the fighter plane was so exciting. I felt so free and I was able to forget about everything for half an hour, ”she concluded.