She leaves her baby in a car for 5 hours and reveals the reason for the heinous crime: “So it wouldn’t be a nuisance”

A terrible case has generated great consternation in the United States after it was revealed that a father of a family was accused of murder and involuntary manslaughter after leaving his one-year-old baby inside a car at high temperatures for 5 hours.

landon parrott19, arrived with her unconscious youngest son at Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital last Thursday, and gave a false version of what had happened to the minor to detectives, according to New Philadelphia Police Chief Michael Goodwin.

“As the investigation progressed and evidence was gathered, the father came to grips with new information and confessed to detectives what had actually happened to his son,” Goodwin said.

He left the minor alone in the car for hours

Amid the investigation, police officers USA they found surveillance camera video of Parrott leaving her youngest son alone in the vehicle while his mother was at work.

The man left his baby in the car from 8:30 a.m. However, he reappeared at 1:50 p.m., when he went to look for the mother of his son at work. That day the outside temperature reached 87 degrees, while inside it reached 130 degrees.

“During the interview it seems that it was not that he forgot the child, but that it was a deliberate act so that the child would not be a nuisance while he was in the house,” officials in charge of the case said.

It should be noted that the father of the family is being held in the county jail Tuscarawas on $250,000 bail after the murder of his youngest son, police said.