She searched for her mother’s killer and became friends with her: she confessed the reason behind their unusual friendship

The unusual case of Jennifer Weiss has shocked everyone in the United States after making it known that she maintained a friendship with the subject who killed her mother, Richard Cottingham, known for his crimes as the “torso killer.”

According to the local media, Deedeh Goodarzi, mother of Jennifer Weiss, was beheaded in 1979 at the hands of Cottingham. The victim’s daughter was orphaned and adopted by a family.

Away from the family tragedy, the young woman grew up with her adoptive family. However, as the years passed, she felt the need to know her past and who her biological parents were.

At 24 years old, Jennifer weiss She went to Children’s Home Society, an organization that cares for orphaned children in New Jersey. In that place, he discovered the terrible tragedy that happened to his mother, who was murdered in a brutal way by a ruthless subject.

The young woman managed to find out the identity of the person who killed her mother thanks to the Police of U.S. He was identified as Richard Cottingham, or also known as the “torso killer”, because …

After finding out who her mother’s murderer was, she decided to become her friend and, although it sounds unusual, the true reason for her friendship with the subject who killed her mother left everyone shocked.

Why did you become ‘friends’ with your mother’s murderer?

Jennifer Weiss revealed that behind their friendship was a plan to unmask Richard Cottingham, who had not only murdered his mother, but other women in a cruel way.

The woman gave her ‘friendship’ to Richard Cottingham, who believed in her and confessed her crimes. She asked him some questions that were key for the relatives of his other 9 victims.

“The magnitude of what he did is unfathomable, but I became friends with Richard for the sake of my mother and for my search (…) I am doing this for the mothers who lost their daughters and my own mother. And for these girls their lives ended one night or one day because of Richard playing God. I won’t be calm until we find out who they were. That’s why I do what I do, “he said.

Currently, the murderer is 75 years old and began a relationship with him since 2017. “I started writing to Richard and asking him to put on his guest list (from jail). I made him happy and made him very comfortable saying ‘yes’, ”said Jennifer Weiss.

Likewise, she specified that she revealed to the murderer what her objective was at the time of offering him her friendship: “I knew what I wanted and I made it very clear (…) I give you my friendship to know the details of the crimes,” he said.

“Once I started to find out details about my mother’s crime, it was that she opened the door to talk about the other women she murdered. I think we have up to 75 unsolved cases, “he said.

He was only convicted of five murders

Richard Cottingham he was sentenced to 300 years in prison, but only for five murders. According to his statements, he is guilty of 105 crimes he committed over the years, of which 80 he called “perfect murders.”