Sheyla Rojas and all the times she was seen with ‘Sir Winston’, who would be her ex-partner

Sheyla Rojas would be single again. As he hinted through his posts on his Instagram, he would have ended his relationship with him. Mexican businessman Luis Miguel Galarza, better known as ‘Sir Winston’, after having discovered an alleged infidelity when checking his cell phone.

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However, when everything was apparently happiness, Sheyla Rojas nor was he seen with ‘Sir Winston’. There were few times when the cameras caught them together or she published any story with him. For this reason, in this note from El Popular we remind you of the times they were captured together.

Sheyla Rojas and the first photo with ‘Sir Winston’

The first time it was known who the businessman was Luis Miguel Galarza, better known as ‘Sir Winston’, It was when they took a photo together at a meeting of friends. On that occasion, Sheyla Rojas He still had blonde hair and it seemed he was about to return to Peru.

It is unknown if that photo is from when Sheyla Rojas She met ‘Sir Winston’ for the first time, however it is known that when they met for the first time, he asked her to stay in Mexico and she accepted, although not at her house.

Sheyla Rojas enjoys with ‘Sir Winston’, being a couple

Even if Sheyla Rojas He tried to keep this relationship under lock and key, he couldn’t handle his genius and there was an occasion when he shared videos with ‘Sir Winston’. Already as a couple, the former television host published in her stories how the businessman prepared a drink for her and they spent time together. At that time, Rojas had already changed his hair color to brown.

Sheyla Rojas, ‘Sir Winston’ and Magaly

In the month of November of last year, Sheyla Rojas arrived in Peru with ‘Sir Winston’ and they were seen together with the journalist Magaly Medina. The three enjoyed a meeting and it was then that the “magpie” was finally able to meet the businessman and find out what he was doing.

On that occasion, the host of “Magaly TV La Firme” said that the partner of “Shey-shey” was an educated, fine person, with manners and who did not work in illicit things. The meeting occurred because her husband was closing business with the Mexican.

Sheyla Rojas on ‘Sir Winston’s’ birthday

Sheyla Rojas threw the house out the window on ‘Sir Winston’s’ birthday in January this year. The images were broadcast by the “Instarándula” account. “Sheyla shone at a great party she organized for her Mexican millionaire,” wrote the entertainment portal along with the videos of the celebration.

Sheyla Rojas shows ‘Sir Winston’ sleeping

The last time that Sheyla Rojas It was shown together with the businessman Luis Miguel Galarza when he did his thing in the program “Mujeres al command”. On that occasion, she entered her boyfriend’s room and recorded him sleeping. He didn’t notice and she couldn’t help but laugh and say that he did worse things to her.

Why would Sheyla Rojas have ended up with ‘Sir Winston’?

Sheyla Rojas would have ended his relationship with ‘Sir Winston’, due to an alleged infidelity of him. She would have begun to worry her followers after posting a series of controversial messages. “Be very careful with this idea that everyone is replaceable, there are people you don’t meet twice in life,” reads the first story he posted on Instagram.

He also shared a video of Will Smith where he highlights that not everyone has to be by your side. In addition, to finish, he shared a meme that said: “He told me ‘you are my queen’, I checked his phone and we were the wonderful world of Disney, even Fiona was there.”