Sheyla Rojas assures that the Arab sheikh of Rosángela does not compare to ‘Sir Winston’: “He is insurmountable”

The former reality girl Sheyla Rojas Her opinion about the new lifestyle that Rosángela Espinoza has been leading in Dubai for a month was consulted by the cameras of “América Espectáculos”. And it is that one of the reasons for the long stay of the influencer is due to the fact that she found love in the Middle East and despite the fact that the identity of this Arab sheikh remains anonymous, there are already many who wish happiness to the popular ‘selfie girl’.

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What did Sheyla Rojas say about Rosángela Espinoza?

“Everyone is with whom they have to be. She will have her prototype of a man, if she is happy with the person who is there or not, good for her. If she is happy, she is in a relationship like that, good for her. If It’s like that, I’ll go visit her at her mansion, please, to visit her in Rous, I don’t know Dubai, but I plan to go, God willing, this year,” said Sheyla Rojas for the América TV cameras.

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Sheyla Rojas says that ‘Sir Winston’ is second to none

When asked by the reporter, Sheyla spoke about her current boyfriend Luis Miguel Galarza, better known as “Sir Winston”: “My boyfriend is second to none,” added the blonde laughing. And she also said that she hopes to walk down the aisle dressed as a bride soon.

Sheyla Rojas reveals details of her wedding with ‘Sir Winston’. Photo: America TV

Sheyla Rojas cannot return to Mexico

The ex-combatant said that she cannot leave Peru to return to Mexico for this reason: “I cannot travel because I am without passports… I came on time for my appointment at the United States embassy to process my visa, and they kept my passport . Today I am 15 business days from my appointment, which was on January 11, and they told me that I had to wait that number of days for them to give me the answer to my visa. And, well, I have to wait here trapped and I can’t travel because they have my passport.”