Sheyla Rojas gives Sir Winston an ULTIMATUM for the engagement ring: “It has a deadline until April” [VIDEO]

It was sent with everything! The renowned influencer Sheyla Rojas surprised the viewers of América Hoy by connecting via LIVE video call from his mansion in Mexico. However, the public figure left many with their mouths open after giving their partner an ultimatum Sir Winston.

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As is known, the model stays away from the Peruvian show business, but when it goes on the air, it has shown that it does not mince words and expresses what it thinks. Therefore, this time, the former television host he answered with all sincerity when listening to Janet Barboza.

“I’ll ask you this because you want to get married, if you didn’t want to, each one could decide what causes them, but how long would you be willing to wait without Mr. Winston giving you the ring”, questioned the ‘Rulitos’ to the popular Sheyla Rojas which he immediately answered.

As he stated, ‘Shey Shey does not plan to wait to receive the ring, so he gave a deadline. “I can’t wait a long time either, at least for my engagement ring, which will make the relationship more formal, I think it won’t take more than a year. There is a deadline until April ”, she declared.

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Sheyla Rojas had a terrible time with acrylic

Weeks ago, the Peruvian show business was alarmed after revealing how harmful the use of methacrylate is. As a result, the program love and fire revealed that Sheyla Rojas had a terrible time with methacrylic, as revealed by doctor Steve Díaz in front of the television cameras.

“(It was applied to) her hips, it fell off, it migrated and Fong I had to fix it. They put methacrylate on it. That’s where you have to ask Dr. Fong. I think they discovered it ahead of time, it didn’t stick to the muscle and they could correct it “said the doctor.