Sheyla Rojas leaves clues on social networks and launches a possible bomb: “It could be on ATV”

Sheyla Rojas would be more than excited because her return to Peruvian television would be closer than ever, however, it would have been left to the imagination if she would return to America Television.

That is why, through their stories on their account Instagram, the ex-host of You are in All spoke and hinted that there would be a possible bomb, what is it about?

“Will we see Sheyla Rojas on ATV in 2022?” The ‘Crazy Leona’ re-uploaded her Instagram stories with a small yes or no poll for her followers, so in a matter of minutes the answer astonished the rest.

So far, 69% of users have voted “yes”, while only 31% of netizens have chosen the “no” button. It should be noted that the model has not referred to this.

Sheyla Rojas confirms her return to television

Sheyla rojas He is living a great stage in his life by enjoying great luxuries in Mexico, where he lives with his partner Luis Miguel Galarza Muro, better known as Sir Winston.

“When you return to Peru it will be to host a program or you will only come for business,” questioned a fan. In this regard, the former model had a short, but concise question. “Both,” wrote the ex-blonde.