Sheyla Rojas leaves SHOCK to Mujeres al Mando and it would be her new pull: “Hold on!” [VIDEO]

It appeared live. The popular ex-reality girl and now influencer who lives in Mexico, Sheyla Reds, surprised the drivers of Women in Command, when presented via video call in full program.

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The former ‘crazy lioness’ did not hesitate to appear and fill everyone with many virtual kisses, stating that it was a joy for her to learn about all the gossip that happens in our country.

With little makeup and swimwear, Shey said that this year she would be in a television program and that this would be Peruvian, especially that she would be one more host of this space.

“Hold on!”, He said referring to the usual driver, Thais Casalino Y Giovanna valcarcel, who for now, are the two personalities that remain in the program permanently.

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Melissa Paredes surprised with Sheyla Rojas

On the set was also the model Melissa Paredes, who since her live interview with Thais, continues to be in front of the screens of the channel two show program.

Meli, seeing Shey Shey live he could not hide his surprise, because despite much that is said, it has not yet been 100% confirmed if he would stay in Women in Command or if the now black-haired model would be her rival.