Sheyla Rojas surprises everyone with her return to Peruvian television: “Hold on”

Sheyla rojas It would be the new highlight of a Peruvian television program. This was confirmed by appearing in a live link with Women in command, which does not stop surprising this 2022 with its new income. Apparently, the model could become the fourth host of the morning magazine.

In that sense, Melissa Paredes consulted her: “Sheyla, tell us the veri veri, ah. Is it true that you will soon be here in Lima on a television program? ”. The former reality girl confessed: “Yes, I will be in Peru soon. Sooner than I thought, really. Obviously, I do come with many surprises and there yes. Hold on, Thaís. Hold on, because I come with my very sharp saw ”.

The businessman Pedro Moral surprised his followers by showing how his wedding was together with his girlfriend Fabiola Garavito. Due to this, the bullfighter Antonio Pavón did not hesitate to pronounce on the matter and wish him the best.

In addition, he commented on the photo published by the ex-partner of Sheyla Rojas making her marital status official and said: “Congratulations, partner! Long live love! ”.

The Instarándula communication medium shared unpublished images of what was the luxurious party that the model Sheyla Rojas organized for her partner ‘Sir Winston’.

As can be seen in the videos, the Mexican businessman appears next to the Peruvian influencer and they can be seen very happy with the beautiful meeting.