Sheyla Rojas surprises with a new change in her face? [VIDEO]

Sheyla Rojas has once again surprised all her followers with her appearance in social networks and is that in a story in your account Instagram He exposed it with what would be a new arrangement or, simply, a good makeup.

In the images you can see the ex-driver of You are in all in front of the mirror of a part of her home and reveals her straight and dark hair, which highlights her blue dress with a pronounced neckline.

In the background a reggaeton song is heard that recites: “If you allow me, I swear it will be different, I know they have failed you a lot, but dare”, while Shey shey poses for the camera.

However, one detail is striking and that is that the model’s lips look much more pronounced, in addition to her nose looking darker and thinner, will she have made a new arrangement?

Adviser reveals that Sheyla would no longer have hair due to so much discoloration: “Everything is extensions”

Nicole Akari appeared again in Mujeres al Mando where, after stating that Magaly Medina and her red hair went out of style, she now revealed little secrets about Sheyla Rojas.

“I think that Sheyla is one of the very changeable women, she not only proposes, but also takes risks and that is the idea, that the girls at home take a benchmark and take risks in the hairdressers, be careful, in a good hairdresser” , beginning.

“To get to a shade of blonde like that, it is criminal and many people do not know, but Sheyla ended up with hair of this size (small), due to so much discoloration and discoloration,” he added surprising everyone.