Sheyla Rojas: The time Reinaldo Dos Santos predicted that he would not marry Sir Winston

Single again? A comment by Sheyla Rojas would have hinted that their relationship is ‘Sir Winston‘ would have come to an end.

Many suggest that the model would have gotten tired of waiting for Luis Galarza I propose to her.

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Everything would have started when a user asked him for the date on which he would marry the Mexican businessman, to which ‘Shey Shey’ he responded forcefully.

“Shey, when the mother even gave Melissa the ring, you’re staying,” wrote the follower. To which the influencer replied: “The right one will arrive.”

It was even said that the former reality girl headed for Spanish lands to visit her little Antoñito and also to forget about all the problems she would be going through due to the supposed break in their relationship.

All this reminded him of the time when the seer Reinaldo Dos Santos predicted that he would not make it to the altar together with the Mexican.

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Reinaldo Dos Santos foresaw the end of this relationship

In August 2022, in the program On everyone’s lips It was commented on the celebrations of the 35th birthday of Sheyla Rojas, who was in Guadalajara, Mexico with her boyfriend.

In that edition of the show, there was also the seer Reinaldo Dos Santos who was asked if the former television host would marry the Mexican businessman.

“No! I don’t see them together in the future,” said the Prophet of America.

He also pointed out that from that date they would only last one year, but that Sheyla would marry in four years.

Although Valeria Piazza intervened and pointed out that the ex-warrior would undergo fertility treatments to have a child from Galarza, the Brazilian fortune teller did not hesitate to answer: “That has nothing to do with it, she will be a single mother.”

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Did what Reinaldo Dos Santos said come true?

He fortune teller who has had several successes throughout his career, he would not have been wrong to predict the future of Sheyla Rojas either.

A year has passed since the prediction of Reinaldo Dos Santosand in recent days it has been seen that Sheyla Rojas’s relationship with “Sir Winstor” is not going through a good moment.

It should be noted that so far there is no information about whether ‘Shey’ would be pregnant and would become a single mother, as the seer mentioned. Likewise, it has not been confirmed that this couple has definitively come to an end.

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Why would the relationship have ended?

As is remembered on several occasions, Sheyla Rojas expressed her wishes to start a family with the mexican businessman with whom he had already been in a relationship for more than a year.

Despite that, she declared that she wanted to get married first and then have a baby.

“It’s my dream, married and with children, I’m not going to wait my whole life, but it will happen at the right time and the ring has to come first, because I don’t have any in my hand,” she said in an interview.

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When did the relationship start in Sheyla and ‘Sir Winston’?

The model and Luis Miguel Galarza Muro they began their relationship in April 2021. The well-known ‘Sir Winston’ is a native of Zacatecas and works as a businessman in the construction business.