Sheyla Rojas would be single: How did her ex-partner ‘Sir Winston’ fall in love with her and how long did they last?

It’s bad. Sheyla Rojas, who would have believed in love again thanks to ‘Sir Winston’, would have suffered a disappointment. Apparently, according to her posts on her Instagram, she would have discovered an infidelity, so she would have decided to put an end to the businessman Luis Miguel Galarza, better known as “Sir Winston”, who one day said he loved her.

YOU CAN SEE: Sheyla Rojas would have ended her relationship with Sir Winston for infidelity [VIDEO]

Sheyla Rojas and ‘Sir Winston’ They were never seen in love, because they did not share photos together, however, the few times that she spoke of him, he always said that he had her like a princess, while it was learned that he even housed her in his luxurious house in Guadalajara, Mexico . However, today all this would have come to an end. For this reason, in El Popular we tell you more about this romance.

How did ‘Sir Winston’ fall in love with Sheyla Rojas?

For them to ‘click’, the lives of Sheyla Rojas and ‘Sir Winston’ they had to cross paths and this happened during a dinner with friends in Mexico. The former host of “Estas en todos” told details of their relationship only in August of last year in an interview with Magaly Medina.

As revealed Sheyla Rojasthe relationship ‘Sir Winston’ and she gave it almost immediately, she even classified it as “love at first sight”. He said that everything happened before she traveled to Peru, a return that she never gave despite the fact that she had bought the ticket.

“I didn’t want to go back with everything that was going on… I already had my bags and everything ready to go back, but my friend invites me to this dinner and at that moment it was like love at first sight and he (‘Sir Winston’) He told me to stay and I told him that I had to go back. He told me to stay for a month and I told him well, but that he would not be at his house because he would stay somewhere else, “he said at the time.

Subsequently, Sheyla Rojas He decided to stay in the house of “Sir Winston” in Guadalajara, where he met his family, which gave her the confidence to continue the sentimental relationship with the Mexican. She “she told me ‘I want to meet you, don’t think that something will happen’ and I actually told her no because I would go somewhere else. Well, I stayed (at ‘Sir Winston’s’ house). From day one I met her family and it gave me that peace of mind”.

Once together, the Mexican businessman would have known how to seduce Sheyla Rojas. In addition to having given her her exclusive home and having surrounded her with luxuries and exclusive events, she would also have been an emotional support for her, since she helped her travel to Spain to see her son and later hosted the little one and Antonio Pavón in Mexico.

How long would the relationship between Sheyla Rojas and ‘Sir Winston’ last?

At the beginning of 2021, Sheyla Rojas confirmed that he had a romantic relationship with the Mexican businessman Luis Miguel Galarzabetter known as ‘Sir Winston’, so if we calculate, their romance would have lasted almost a year.

Since then, it began to speculate what he was working on ‘Sir Winston’, especially when Sheyla Rojas began to show luxuries and the dream life in Guadalajara. However, everything was clarified by herself and confirmed by Magaly Medina herself, who met him thanks to some business with her husband.

“He does not do illegal things and that is unfair, he is dedicated to construction. That people stop talking nonsense and a half (…) I don’t like it because it’s complicated and that people invent things all the time,” said Sheyla Rojas; while Magaly Medina limited: “He seemed to me a very polite man, with very fine manners, a pleasant conversation, a simple person.”

Why would Sheyla Rojas have ended up with ‘Sir Winston’?

Sheyla Rojas would have ended his relationship with ‘Sir Winston’, due to an alleged infidelity of him. She would have begun to worry her followers after posting a series of controversial messages. “Be very careful with this idea that everyone is replaceable, there are people you don’t meet twice in life,” she reads in the first story she posted on Instagram.

He also shared a video of Will Smith where he highlights that not everyone has to be by your side. In addition, to finish, she shared a meme that said: “She told me ‘you are my queen’, I checked her phone and we were the wonderful world of Disney, even Fiona was there.”