Shirley Arica and Rodney Pio: their story of love, fights and reconciliation for Christmas

The controversial Shirley Arica is back in Peru after her participation in El Poder del Amor.reality girl ‘ She was caught being caught with her ex-partner, Rodney Pío Dean, a few days ago. These images were released by Instarandula, and in these you see the popular ‘exJusticiera’ in a fast food restaurant.

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Shirley Arica and Rodney Pio have gone through ups and downs in their relationship so media until they brought peace as parents, that is why today in The popular We will tell you more about the history between the controversial couple.

Shirley Arica and Rodney Pio get married

Their love was born fleetingly and even came with a beautiful pregnancy, to later say yes in a civil union with Rodney Pío, in 2014. Arica, who was more than four months pregnant, was very happy and excited for that important moment in your life.

“Until the day came to unite with the man of my life, with whom I have lived together for three months. I am the happiest woman on Earth ”, exclaimed the model.

Shirley Arica and Rodney Pio separate

It was in 2015 when the model Shirley arica She reappeared after the arrest of her husband and surprised by announcing her separation from the father of her little daughter.

“There have been some problems but we are trying to keep the relationship going well. The birth of a baby entails a series of responsibilities and things, so the arguments start to get worse ”, he declared. Shirley.

Likewise, she clarifies that said distancing was not due to third parties, it was she who made the decision, as she confesses not having been going through a good time and the arrest of Rodney Pío seems to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Shirley Arica and Rodney Pio and their reconciliation

Shirley Arica has just returned from Istanbul, Turkey after her successful stint in The Power of Love, and what was most surprising was that she now shines alongside Rodney Pío Dean again, but only as parents for the sake of her daughter.

In an exclusive conversation with La República, the model revealed that she decided to leave behind the problems with her little girl’s father, who recently surprised her first-born dressed as Santa Claus for Christmas.