Shirley Arica arrives in Ecuador for an exclusive interview: “Forward like the elephant”

After his successful stint at The Power of Love Shirley arica It has attracted the attention of other foreign production companies, who require the presence of the now listed Peruvian model.

To the joy of Arica fans, she traveled to Ecuador to be interviewed exclusively by the program En contacto de Ecuavisa. As recalled, in a previous report, he revealed that a program from that country had contacted him to participate in a new reality series similar to that of Turkey.

It was the same production company that announced the arrival of Shirley Arica. From her official Instagram accounts, they shared videos and photos of what will be seen this Thursday, January 6 from 10.30 am

Likewise, the model also spoke through her networks and expressed her happiness for making her way internationally.

“Forward like the elephant” wrote on Instagram. “Hey guys, how are you. I want to tell you that tomorrow (today January 6) I will be in contact on Ecuavisa television, so you cannot miss it. I send you a giant kiss, “he said. Shirley arica in one of his stories.

After being involved in several scandals, Shirley Arica confessed that spending four months in Turkey recording The Power of Love helped her mature.

“I think I have matured by force, I have another perspective on life, I have other plans, other priorities. I know how to dose my time better, I am no longer in the trots of before, I still do not regret it because it is part of the growth of the human being, “he commented to La República.

During an exclusive interview for La República, Shirley Arica revealed her wishes to give her daughter a baby brother. Although at the moment she is focused on her projects, the model does not rule out enlarging her family.