Shirley Arica arrives on Ecuadorian TV in style and is the new jale of Ecuavisa [VIDEO]

It is internationalized! Shirley Arica arrived in Peru a few weeks ago after a successful participation in El Poder del Amor, and again she left for her job improvement, this time heading to Ecuador.

After spending months enchanting from Istanbul, Turkey, this time the popular ‘Reality Girl’ came to Guayaquil all over the top and is that it was presented as a new pull from the well-known channel, Ecuavisa.

Shirley arica was presented this Thursday, December 6 as a participant in the contest ‘The new star ‘, which will be broadcast through the program In contact, and whose prize is to become the new official presenter of this.

“She is a spectacular and controversial woman. He has revolutionized social media because his name is everywhere. She is the fifth candidate to be the new star of “In Touch”. Peruvian, charming and controversial ”, was part of her presentation.

Next, Shirley arica He arrived on set with emotion, but revealed his nervousness because the reception he had from the Ecuadorian public was not expected.

“I’m super nervous. I am in Ecuador for the first time, happy for the affection of the people, they have received me at the airport, with all the cameras. I’m a little out of the rhythm (laughs), ”he said.

‘The new star’ will unfold in the following weeks, and the rivals of Shirley arica They are other women of different nationalities, among beauty queens, models and more.

Some well-known figures that he will face are Virginia Limongi, Valeria Gutti, Carolina Aguirre, among others. With this, Rodney Pío Dean’s ex-partner shows that he continues to make a name for himself abroad.

Shirley Arica on Rodney Pío: “I didn’t know how to separate things, but today we have a good relationship”

Shirley arica made it clear that her relationship with Rodney Pius Dean is strictly parental now. “Due to the immaturity we make many mistakes, we do not learn to separate things. I think that at the time, I did not know how to separate things with my daughter’s father, ”he said.

“But, today, we have reached a good relationship. I enjoy seeing her happy, definitely, one as a mother cannot fill all the spaces, the presence of the father, the father figure is important, and seeing them together, seeing them enjoy, fills me a lot ”, he added.