Shirley Arica defends herself for wanting to abandon The Power of Love: “I miss my daughter”

Nothing was saved. Shirley Arica is in Turkey participating in The Power of Love, and was one of the great favorites. However, a few days ago he announced that he wanted to leave the reality show, and now he had to defend his decision.

The popular ‘Reality Girl’ surprised locals and strangers by asking her followers on social networks not to vote for her to continue in this space, and she did not have the reception she expected, but rather was filled with criticism.

Thus Shirley arica He came out to show his face in the stories of his official account on Instagram, and without mincing words, he finally explained the reason behind this decision: his daughter.

“Let’s see, I can want a lot of things, but it doesn’t depend on me. I am a mother and, for those who are mothers, they will understand me. Never in my life have I been separated from my daughter for so long and I miss her with my soul, it is natural what I am feeling, “he said.

Shirley arica She reminded her detractors that she is a mother and has never been separated from her daughter for so long, so it is not bad to want to leave a program to get together, after not seeing each other for more than four months.

“Wanting to go to be with her, kiss her and hug her. I do not have a reason, it is not because of someone special that I want to go, stop creating stories in your head, stop putting third parties who have nothing to do with what I may want or what I am feeling right now ”, he added.

Despite these words, Shirley arica assured that it will remain in The power of love as long as the public decides to have it. “I will continue as far as I can no more. I leave it in the hands of God. And if I wrote that, it was because it was a way to let off steam, “he concluded.

Shirley Arica receives the support of Rodney Pío after being one of the favorites in The Power of Love

Despite your problems, Rodney Pius Dean joined in congratulating Shirley Arica on her success in El Poder del Amor. He is in Europe, but he did not hesitate to wish the mother of his daughter the best.

“Shirley is my daughter’s mom and will always wish her well. If she is well, my daughter is well, so I congratulate her ”, said the cousin of ‘Loco Vargas’ to a local newspaper.