Shirley Arica on her relationship with Sebastián Tamayo: “I have learned a lot from him”

Shirley arica makes its way onto the international scene. The Peruvian has been presented as the new signing of the new reality star from Ecuador. To do this, she appeared on the program In contact where the presenter Henry Bustamante questioned her about her time at The Power of Love and Sebastian Tamayo with whom he had an affair in Turkey.

The host asked Shirley about Sebastián Tamayo, mentioning that her fans in Peru also sent gifts to the Colombian.

“It is someone that I, I have many memories of him in my heart. I’ve learned a lot from him too “ Shirley said briefly. Then he talked about the reality show where they met.

“The power of love came at an appropriate time in my life and I do not regret having made that decision,” said the model. “I feel that I have matured a lot in these four months. Seeing my before and after … my present makes me feel very happy ”.

Henry insisted on talking about his relationship with Sebastian. The program showed images of the Colombian’s return to The Power of Love and moments he shared with Shirley.

“He is a very handsome boy in the eyes of all, but it was not love at first sight,” commented the reality girl with a laugh.

Henry consulted Shirley about her history with Sebastian. He was curious about the possibility that love resurfaces between the two. However, the Peruvian explained why the romance did not continue, detailing the differences she has with the Colombian.

“I believe that to start a relationship it does not depend only on one person, it depends on two. Then, When I had decided to bet on this relationship, some devils entered him who spoke in his ear and said ‘no!’ Several little devils or a little devil, I don’t know ”, Shirley revealed, showing that she was willing to have a relationship with her partner from The Power of Love.

“He changed his mind. That is respected and there is affection so far ”, he concluded on the subject.

The presenter asked Shirley to say a few words to Tamayo. He joked that, in In Touch, they have a lot of surprises, suggesting that Sebastian was in the studio. Finally, looking at the camera, Shirley spoke to the Colombian.

“Now I know that he is going through a difficult time, he has had an accident. I hope he recovers soon and I send him a kiss from here to Colombia. I hope we see each other soon” he expressed with a smile.