Shirley Arica says she is not a “hit and run” woman: “It’s not that I know someone and that’s it”

In a recent interview with psychologist Lisbeth Cueva For the podcast ‘We all heal’, the model Shirley Arica made an unexpected revelation. It turns out that the young woman said that she is not someone of “shock flight” and it would even be very difficult for her to start a romantic relationship, because she has to close herself off when she meets someone.

The popular ‘reality girl’, Shirley Arica, He said that when a person asks him out, after having met for the first time, he cuts off any relationship. “I have a slightly complicated character. I don’t like that they inquire a lot about my life and it’s like if I like someone physically, because everything starts like that, I can meet him at a party, and the next day he invites me to lunch or to the movies and it’s like I end any kind of relationship ”.

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In that sense, Shirley Arica He gave more details about what his personality is like when he meets someone. “It’s not that I meet someone and now… No… It’s also something that makes it very difficult for me to reach that moment of intimacy. It’s very complicated, it’s not easy for me.”

On the other hand, Shirley Arica He recounted the experience he has had when he has dated someone on a second chance. She said that she ends up having a somewhat cutting character. “If I really like someone and I decide to give myself the opportunity and go out with that person, I’m cold and I’ve already received comments like why are you so dry (…) I don’t know how to react, it’s like I say good if they don’t like me the way I am so that he looks for one that does care for him”.

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Shirley claims to be very loyal

the psychologist Lisbeth Cueva He made it clear that Shirley Arica’s attitude is due to the fact that she is afraid of being hurt. On the other hand, the “Reality Girl” said that she is a super loyal person and gives 100% of her in a sentimental relationship.

“With my friends, with my family, with my partner, I like to give 100% to everything. I feel that it is all or nothing, whether you love it or not. There is no half love, for me it is like that. I give a lot, I am very passionate and I look for the same from the other party and they have disappointed me many times, ”he replied.