Shirley Arica supports Gisela and attacks Magaly: “She denigrates women a lot”

Magaly Medina and Gisela Valcárcel have had a strong media duel in recent days after the premiere of “El gran show”. In said program, “Señito” harshly criticized the figure of ATV by referring to his old love affairs and then “Urraca” responded forcefully to him in his programs throughout the last week.

Different characters from the show business have taken a position in this confrontation, as is now the case with Shirley Arica. The national model did not hesitate to support Ethel Pozo’s mother and completely reject the attitude of the presenter of “Magaly TV, the firm”.

In an interview with El Popular, the host also specified that Magaly Medina usually denigrates women and believes that she is right in everything. For this reason, the “Reality Girl” declared herself Giselalover, not liking the style of the entertainment journalist.

“I am ‘giselalover’. The truth is, between Gisela and Magaly, I prefer Gisela, if you ask me, because the other one doesn’t. I believe that (Magaly) denigrates women a lot, I believe that everyone has the right to grow and improve themselves, and cannot label people as they please. She believes that she is the owner of reason and there is no one to tell her things to her face, I do not share what she does, “she indicated.

Before the first program of “El gran show”, the name of Shirley Arica sounded to be part of the new season of this competition. However, the model denied being in the reality show, as she pointed out that she is not prepared for such dances.

“I wouldn’t be in ‘El gran show’ because I don’t feel prepared to be participating in dances and pirouettes. Right now I would not enter, nor was there a proposal. It is Mrs. Gisela Valcárcel’s game, playing with names that can cause controversy, but in the end it does not materialize, “she added.