Shirley Arica: this is how the people of Ecuador received her after her arrival in Ecuavisa [VIDEO]

He keeps breaking it. The Peruvian model Shirley Arica does not stop after the success of the Turkish reality show El Poder del Amor, and now conquers Ecuadorian lands with her personality and charisma.

Undoubtedly the arrival of the ‘Reality girl‘did not go unnoticed in the northern country, as evidenced in his social networks Sharing how it was received: “The public in Ecuador is very fond of our beautiful Shirley”, dictated a post that he did not hesitate to share.

It was via the official account of Instagram that the exchica reality showed how it was his arrival at the famous Ecuavisa television house, where he would be about to try a new facet in his rising career in Latin American television.

“Well, the public receives her with affection, with photos. My dear Shirley I see that here her fans ask her for photos, she is very beautiful, and she is definitely one of the great applicants for this new challenge that she has here. Contact”, you can hear an Ecuadorian reporter on Shirley Arica.

Shirley Arica on Rodney Pío: “I didn’t know how to separate things, but today we have a good relationship”

Shirley arica made it clear that her relationship with Rodney Pius Dean is strictly parental now. “Due to the immaturity we make many mistakes, we do not learn to separate things. I think that at the time, I did not know how to separate things with my daughter’s father, ”he said.

“But, today, we have reached a good relationship. I enjoy seeing her happy, definitely, one as a mother cannot fill all the spaces, the presence of the father, the father figure is important, and seeing them together, seeing them enjoy, fills me a lot ”, he added.