Shirley Arica will take legal action against Melissa Gate: “I will not allow her to continue to defame me”

Shirley arica He is once again in the eye of the media spotlight for starring in a brawl with a former participant of The Power of Love. During her passage through the romantic program, the model not only gained popularity and began with the internationalization of her career, but also attracted a large number of detractors and enemies in the same television space.

One of them is Melissa Gate, who has been involved in several confrontations with the Peruvian influencer, which were revived after Sebastián Tamayo’s ex-partner granted an interview to an Ecuadorian media, responding to the accusations of her former reality partner, who He accuses her of being responsible for his social networks being hacked.

Everything seems to indicate that Shirley Arica is already tired of the accusations to her person and that is why she made the radical decision to initiate legal action against Melissa gate.

This is how he made it known through his profile of Instagram where she recently shared a Twitter post stating that she was tired of being falsely accused and was not going to allow such claims any longer.

“I make public the legal actions that I will take against Miss Melissa Puerta, since I reached my limit and I will not allow him to continue to defame me in the light way that he does”Shirley wrote in a tweet that she later shared on one of her Instagram stories.

Likewise, the reality girl shared a statement on her next Instagram status, in which she specified and contextualized why she decided to make this decisive decision.

“In the last days, (…) I have been being attacked periodically and continuously with a series of libelous and slanderous statements made by Miss Melissa Puerta Giraldo, who calls herself ‘Melissa Gate’, “said at the beginning in the statement.

Lines below, the artist added that Melissa Gate accused her without any proof of having been the alleged person responsible for the closure of some of her social media accounts, a fact in which Shirley Arica had no participation whatsoever, as described in the document.

For all these false accusations, he will have to answer before the courts, since I will be initiating the actions that the laws authorize me in the face of these attacks.”, It said in the final part of the notification.