Shooting during US car show leaves at least 2 dead and 5 injured

Two people dead and five injured is the balance left, so far, by a shooting that occurred last Sunday afternoon during a car show in a park south of Los Angeles (California, USA), according to the county authorities.

Up to seven people suffered gunshot wounds in this event and, among them, a woman and a man died on the way to the hospital according to Brian Humphrey spokesperson for the Los Angeles Fire Department.

The injured are aged between 3 and 54 years. Meanwhile, 4 of them are in critical condition, reported from the fire department and from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

The event occurred around four in the afternoon (23:00 GMT) in Peck Park in the community of San Pedro (coastal area south of Los Angeles), when some 500 people enjoyed Sunday in an outdoor car show. free that did not have express authorization to be held.

The magnitude of the shooting caused an important police device to move to the area and cordon off the park and the surrounding streets.

Later, the captain and LAPD spokeswoman, Kelly Muniz offered a press conference in which he stated that they are still looking for those involved and a white Mercedes-Benz vehicle that could be related to the case.

Officers found multiple firearms at the crime scene..

He also stated that “the total number of armed individuals involved” in this “dispute between two parties” is still unknown.