Shooting in Los Angeles leaves at least 10 people dead after Lunar New Year celebrations

Approximately 10 people from the town of Monterey Park, east of The AngelsThey died in a mass shooting. perpetrated by a subject carrying a machine gun full of ammunition, according to police sources. This event occurred after the celebrations for the Lunar New Year Chinese, a tradition celebrated in different parts of the United States and the rest of the world.

Until the preparation of this note, the authorities have detailed very little about this shooting; However, according to Los Angeles County Police Officer Bob Boese, the shooter, who killed his victims in this town, which has an approximate population of 60,000 and a large Asian population, was male.

On the other hand, Seung Won Choi, a witness and owner of a business near the scene of the shooting, told the newspaper Los Angeles Times that 3 people approached his business to alert him to the presence of this disturbed subject, who had started shooting for no reason at a nightclub.

Likewise, Wong Choi asserted that this incident occurred at 10:00 pm (1:00 am Peruvian time) on Saturday, January 21.

As for the location of this shooter, the police He only reported that he is unavailable after having quickly escaped from the crime scene.

This Saturday, Monterey Park kicked off a two-day Lunar New Year celebration. This situation would have been taken advantage of by the subject, of unknown origin, to carry out this attack.