Should Bambino’s goal have been canceled? Conmebol filters VAR audio of Gianluca Lapadula [VIDEO]

Gianluca Lapadula was the gladiator who led the peruvian team on the path of victory against Venezuela, as they scored the first goal of the match. However, Conmebol released the VAR audio to demonstrate whether Bambino’s score should have been canceled or not, in the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers.

In the following note, you will learn about the dialogue that the referees of the Venezuela vs. Peru they maintained while Lapadula celebrated his goal with André Carrillo, Christian Cueva and the other players.

Audio VAR

  • Referee: Normal
  • AVAR: Nothing happened, everything was clean.
  • AVAR: Possible offside. Possible offside again.
  • VAR: Check.
  • VAR: Can you go further back? Please, there, you can continue.
  • VAR: Enabled. From the game of the ball, please.
  • AVAR: Wait, he’s checking.
  • VAR: Stop in the game, a little up front.
  • Referee: Any rule 11 situation?
  • VAR: I’m looking at rule 11 at last.

VAR confirms if it was a goal by Gianluca Lapadula

  • VAR: Let’s draw the line.
  • VAR: The point of contact, with the lower house. One in the front, one in the back, one in the back.
  • VAR: One up front, there. Line.
  • AVAR: Wait, it’s going up a line.
  • AVAR: Gol line, right?
  • VAR: Goal line.
  • Referee: I am making the signal.
  • VAR: You can open that we are going to pass the line on the other side.

VAR analyzed if Gianluca Lapadula was in offside

  • VAR: Left, there the base, left, more to the right. Right, more, there.
  • AVAR: It’s the shoulder, right?
  • VAR: You can go up the line, mark and go up.

VAR ratifies and gives a valid goal to Peru

  • VAR: Goal confirmed, you can continue, Arleu. You can save?
  • Referee: Confirmed goal?
  • VAR: Confirmed goal

Qualifying Qatar 2022- VAR video for Gianluca Lapadula’s goal