Silvia Pinal suffers from senile dementia, confirms Alejandra Guzmán

Singer mexican Alejandra Guzman confirmed that his mother, the legendary diva of Mexican cinema Silvia Pinal suffers from dementia senile Since three years ago.

“We are going to be isolated for 10 days in which she can still infect, we are very protected and more because it was a danger to have her there (in the hospital) near something more dangerous and it was the doctor’s decision to bring her home, which gave him much joy and it will also serve your dementia because sometimes I was alone in the hospital, “the rocker told the media, inadvertently confirming what had been said.

At 90, the renowned actress and matriarch of the Pinal dynasty suffers from this disease.

It is recalled that the host and producer of “Woman, real life cases” was hospitalized on December 22 because of covid-19 and was discharged on December 30. He is stable at home.

The nonagenarian actress immortalized by the Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel in the film Viridiana (1961), she was fully vaccinated but lacked her booster dose, according to her relatives.

Dementia senile

The magazine Who refers that in August 2018, Pinal puzzled by declaring that he had not given permission or had knowledge of the bioseries about his life and career in front of the producer Carla Estrada, who was in charge of the project.

In October 2020, your child Luis Enrique Guzman He denied other versions, including that his mother suffered from Alzheimer’s.

“Of course he doesn’t have Alzheimer’s, he doesn’t have any health problems outside of the problems that come with age. It is not a dementia senile. My mother is the healthiest 90-year-old woman I know, ”she said at the time.

According to, the dementia Senile makes you forget things in the short and long term. It is difficult for him to perform tasks that he used to do normally.