Sin Bandera, Alejandro Fernández, Sabina, Ha-Ash would cancel presentations in Surco due to lack of authorization

the district of Santiago de Surco was to host a series of international concerts by singers such as Without flag, ha ash, Joaquin Sabina, Alexander Fernandez, as well as the “Retro Festival” and “The Reunion” events. Given all the excitement that he generated among his fans, it was recently learned that the shows run the risk of not happening.

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This is due to a statement issued by the Municipality of that jurisdiction where they point out that those six shows scheduled for February a june of this year do not have any authorization.

This is how they made it known through their social mediawhere the municipality urged citizens who planned to attend such concerts to “take necessary measures” to prevent the situation.

“The municipality of Santiago de Surco reports that these 6 shows have not been authorized. Given this, we urge the general public to take appropriate precautions. We reaffirm our commitment to provide safer and quieter spaces for our neighbors and visitors “, shared the fan page of the Municipality of Santiago de Surco.

Author: Municipality of Santiago de Surco – Facebook

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When were the six concerts in Surco scheduled?

According to the information shared by the Municipality of Santiago de Surco about the next concerts that would be held in the district, it is assumed that there were six shows that are not authorized.

in your account Facebookthe district institution maintained that events such as “Reunion” (February 11th), Without flag (February 14th), Sabina (March 4), “ha-ash“(March 5), Alexander Fernandez (March 8) and “vintage festival“(June 28), does not have the approval of the authorities.

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Users react to the municipality’s announcement about unauthorized concerts

Likewise, after learning that the six shows do not have authorization, users of Facebook They did not take long to react and make their opinion known about the news.

While some were in favor with messages like: “Very good. Surco and the neighbors deserve security and tranquility”, “Excellent”. “Bravo Municipality of Santiago de Surco!” Some netizens wrote.

Others of them were against the statement: “Why? I hope they correct it soon”, “‘Techito’ don’t go too far, how are you going to cancel the ‘Retro Festival'”, “You go against it to make yourself noticed (addressing the mayor Charles Bruce)”.