Singer Erika Lane releases video clip “Give me a chance”

The Dominican singer Erika lane launched this Wednesday, December 15, his new music video, “Give me an opportunity”, which is included in his new album, “For love”, and whose theme is a song that tells us about repentance, in which women seek and apologize to the love of his life.

It is a dramatic song, where it shows a situation that commonly occurs in couples, she does not want to lose the love of her life due to mistakes she has made and asks for “an opportunity”.

As detailed in the cocktail party and meeting with the press, the video Erika lane tells a story, where she appears sad, crying and remembering incredible moments with her partner and through tears she asks for forgiveness.

Directed by Luis Gomez Films who has won Sovereign Awards, also worked with Erika lane In the video “Intermittent Love” also included in the album “Por Amor”, it is set and filmed in Punta Cana.

Erika lane continues to reap success with her songs, which little by little are leading her to stardom, raising her Caribbean island Dominican Republic.

Undoubtedly Erika lane He will continue to revolutionize and make his audience fall in love more with his proposal full of love and musical quality, his authenticity and angel.

A press release refers that this coming year Erika lane, who appears on social media as @erikalaneoficial will start a new media tour throughout the Dominican Republic.

About Erika lane

Erika lane is a Dominican singer and actress with a sense of humor, proud of her roots, who bets on the music and who enjoys being able to express his great musical passion and transmit love to his audience on stage

The music runs through his blood and from the age of 9 he discovered that music it was his world.

Erika lane She was born in Santo Domingo and is a singer and actress living in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.