Singer Isaura from Los Andes suspended her donation due to fights over collection in Tacna

On the night of January 24, the folk singer Isaura Choqueapaza Mamani, known as “Isaura from the Andes“He announced in the Quiñonez de Tacna square that he would donate 10,000 soles to the group of people who would travel to Lima to join the protests. She went with the intention of delivering 3,000 soles at that very moment, but the public gathered there asked her for more collaboration.

Its press coordinator, Reynaldo Poma Choque, explained that they asked the organizing committee of the collection to open an account to make the deposit. At that time the group lacked a bank account.

On the 27th, the Tacneña delegation traveled to Limeto join the protests against Dina Boluarte. Days later, in Plaza Quiñonez, the women who organized the collection and a group of merchants had a strong fight that was broadcast on social networks. The discussion was over money. There it was mentioned that they had managed to raise just over 72,000 soles and that the balances of that money were in an account in the Arequipa Box.


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Poma pointed out that faced with the problem, Isaura de los Andes decided to approach the group from Tacna in Lima and bring them help for their support right there. None of the members she was able to see had an account and some hinted that she would hand over the money in cash, which the singer could not do either, because —said Poma— it is dangerous to carry that amount of money in Lima.

In addition, the organizing commission and the Tacneña delegation do not agree on who will administer the donation. A group of protesters from Tacna have accused the commission of leaving them to their fate, without knowing the destination of the collections.

Poma said that Isaura, a native of Juli (Fist), has been bringing food directly to the protesters without distinction of its origin. She affirmed that the singer will continue to support, but for now she is evaluating whether it is better to give the donation in kind such as food or protection.


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Not much is known about the location of the women who organized the collection or their identification. This Thursday, February 2, Plaza Quiñonez, which was the collection point, looks empty. There never existed a guild or union that will be awarded the organization of the trip. The collection was carried out voluntarily with citizens self-summoned through social networks.