Singer Paul Wrath and his father die in traffic accident

Last Sunday, January 9, 2021, Pablo Jiménez Jr. (Paul Wrath) and his father Pablo Jiménez died in a accident automobile when they were returning to their home in Mexico City.

According to People en español, citing early reports, both were traveling in a car luxury car whose driver, who was speeding, crashed into a tree. The impact caused a fire to break out in the vehicle. Both passengers died, while the driver was injured.

Pablo Jiménez was 23 years old; his stage name was Paul Wrath and served as the leader of the metal group Cerberus; with which, in 2017, he opened a concert for Metallica in the Aztec capital. “I join the deep pain of the Jiménez and Cerberus family,” said singer Mireya Mendoza on her Instagram account.

For his part, Pablo Jiménez Sr., was 63 years old, he was a well-known theatrical businessman for which this guild spoke out in the face of death. “I am in a state of shock, without a doubt. It is terrible and very impressive news, one that one would never want to hear. I have no choice but to send my heartfelt condolences to his family and let them know that I accompany you deeply in your pain, “mentioned theater producer Morris Gilbert.

The producer was the son of Ramiro Jiménez Ramírez, who was in charge of more than a dozen theaters in Mexico. In addition, he created his own theater which he opened in June 1966.

Pablo Jiménez and Pablo Jiménez Jr. are survived by Leticia Pérez del Valle, mother and wife respectively; as well as two daughters and sisters. There was no burial; however, his remains were cremated in a funeral home in Mexico City.