Singer-songwriter Manerra promotes his EP “1984” and highlights memory of Víctor Víctor

The Dominican singer-songwriter Manerra starts 2022 on the right foot. Is promoting “1984”, their EP released in October. This production includes the song “Pretty” next to the singer Lia mariotti.

Manerra, who in the last edition of Sovereign Awards led the tribute to the deceased artist Victor Victor, defines “1984” as a album conceptual of four songs where everything revolves around the sea. Play at the illusion of returning to 1984 with some current sounds and elements.

“It drastically departs from everything we have previously published, although it maintains our essence in the lyrics and harmonies. However, it is a album highly electronic where I wanted to insert elements of our culture such as the Dominican tambora in a funk and I loved the result, “he said in a press release.

In 2020, Manerra He was the winner of four categories at the Dominican Indie Awards for his first EP. One of their bachatas is “Bachata Colonial”. In 2021 he released the single “Republic of love”.

On the theme launched in March 2021, he highlights: “It was a merengue that we produced in honor of women and the Dominican Republic where I invited young singers of the level of Ylsa Moreno, Constanza Liz, Laura Guzmán, Rose Mateo, Agatha Alberti, to participate. Salime Caram, Aris Cruz and Nicole Meza on trumpet “.

Then he premiered the album “Cucuche Vol 1” in June of the recently finished 2021, which consists of duets with emerging singers from Colombia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Panama such as Catalina Pineda, Fabiola Méndez, Sherezade Valentiner and Gaby Cotter, respectively.

In this album there is the tribute to Don Victor Victor entitled “You will always be”.

“Vestida de Flores” was another single released in September, a pambiche fused with other rhythmic patterns. “It is a very sweet and romantic song. The cover is a work by Patricia Reid, an invaluable treasure of Dominican art,” he says.

In Sovereign Awards 2021

It was in tribute to the late Dominican artist Victor Victor who had the opportunity to act for the first time in Sovereign Awards, in June 2021.

“I never imagined that I would be performing at Sovereign AwardsYet God surprised me once again! Mathematically it is almost impossible for a boy who is just publishing his music, without a manager or a label, but for God everything is possible! It was one of the most surreal moments of my career, I didn’t believe it until I saw it on television, “he confessed Manerra.

He thanked producer René Brea and maestro Alfio Lora for the opportunity.

“Bachata mía” at the León Center

Last Friday, December 10, under the production and direction of maestro Jochy Sánchez, the birth of the unforgettable interpreter of “Así es mi amor” and “Mesita de noche” was celebrated with a full house at the León Center. Victor Victor, with an exquisite staging recalling his life and his work with the title “Bachata mia”.

Manerra He was one of the guests and making his debut in Santiago de los Caballeros, where he performed two songs written by ‘Vitico’, as he was known in his circle of friends. “This is my love” and “I’m looking for you.”

Maestro Rafael Solano, José Antonio Rodríguez, Mariela Mercado, Bilma Olivence and Pavel Núñez under the masterful leadership of Freddy Ginebra were the protagonists of the unforgettable celebration of the award-winning singer-songwriter Victor Victor.

About his passion for music, he narrates that when he lived in Santiago he asked his father for a toy piano. It pleased him, but it was on his move to Santo Domingo that a neighbor, Dona Yolanda Camilo, a formidable retired piano teacher, urged his mother to put him in piano lessons.

“And that’s how I got to Doña Berenice Mubarak de Ricart, my first piano teacher. However, it wasn’t until I got to know the music of Bobby Cruz and Richie Ray that my relationship with music drastically changed my life. I didn’t like it very much. classical music and that’s when I discovered Richie Ray, that revolutionized my life, “he said.

He added that some years later he began to play the piano in church. “It was my great school, I had two great musical teachers at that stage: Don Braulio Portes and Don Rafael Gómez, both of them taught me much of what I know today musically. Then I entered the National Conservatory of Music and later I graduated in Law from the Ibeoamerican University”.

Manerra He published a new single entitled “Everything sounds like your name to me” and this 2022 he has several specific presentations scheduled in the country.

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