Skándalo: how much did Luigui Carbajal and Ricky Trevitazo earn at the beginning of the orchestra?

Skandal He began to cause a furor among young people at the end of the nineties and achieved success in the year 2000, with his emblematic songs “Colegiala”, “El baile de la culebra”, “Mi niña mujer” and “Mi gran amor ”. The popular Peruvian youth band, made up only of boys, not only stole the hearts of thousands of fans nationwide, but also from other countries such as Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, etc. Below, find out how much the members of the group earned.

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How much did Luigui Carbajal and Ricky Trevitazo earn in Skandalo?

Luigui Carbajal and Ricky Trevitazo were invited to the set of the program “Send whoever is in charge”, broadcast last Thursday, May 25, to talk about their respective artistic careers. In this case, of Skandala Peruvian band that formed more than 20 years ago.

In this line, both interpreters not only remembered their time in the popular group, but also how much they earned for each presentation in their beginnings. This event occurred when Maria Pia Copello He asked them what they did with the fortune they generated in the hundreds of concerts they offered.

“At that time my priority was always to help my parents. I fixed up their house, I built them a second floor, that was always my priority,” he said. Ricky Trevitazo. Given this comment, Luigi Carbajal he was encouraged to make a confession.

“I am going to say things as they are. There was no fortune because they paid us a pittance ”, he pointed carbajal. “Really, they were paid little?” Copello questioned. “Sure, of course,” replied the member of Skándalo. Faced with this surprising statement, the TV host asked him how much was the exact amount of money they charged.

“It was 100 soles in Lima, 200 in the province. a silver crapbut the important thing was that with that we helped our parents,” he said. carbajal. For his part, Trevitazo joked that he earned 102 soles in the capital and 204 soles in other regions.

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What happened to the members of Skándalo and what do they currently do?

Skándalo enjoyed great popularity in 2000; however, the band broke up two years later for reasons known only to them. Luigui Carbajal, Ronald Trevitazo, Luis Sánchez, Ricky Trevitazo and Giovanni Krall passed through this group of technocumbia.

After their separation, these singers, now more adults, came together again on several occasions to pay various tributes to the group they were part of and, in this way, delight their followers with their voices and particular dances. Next, we will tell you what the performers who were in this orchestra do now. Luigui Carbajal and Ricky Trevitazo they work together and are lead vocalists in their orchestra called R&L.

For his part, Ronald Trevitazo works at a Ramazzini hospital in Carpi, in the province of Modena, Italy. In this line, according to his social networks, Luis Sanchez it would also be dedicated to music and giving presentations. Let’s remember that he joined a recent Skándalo tribute and sang along with his colleagues Luigui Carbajal and Ricky Trevitazo.

The same way, Giovanni Krall It is linked to the musical environment, in the field of salsa. On his social networks, the artist announces the various songs that he has released on his YouTube account.

What is the link between Ricky Trevitazo and Luigui Carbajal’s wife?

Some days ago, Luigi Carbajal and diana garcia They celebrated their marriage after more than five years of relationship. The wedding was attended by family and friends of the couple, including Ricky Trevitazo who has a family relationship with the wife of his former partner from Skándalo.

In an interview for the now-defunct program “Mujeres al mando”, broadcast by Latina TV, Ricky Trevitazo revealed what is the relationship with the partner of his friend Luigui Carbajal. Along these lines, the interpreter revealed that Diana García, the now wife of his colleague, was his niece, that is, he is his great-uncle.