Skin at 40, ten keys to understanding it

From the age of 40, skin care becomes the great concern for people, especially for women. At this age, the dermis of the face begins to lose elasticity, luminosity, wrinkles begin to appear and the first spots may even appear. Carrying out a daily care routine and being pampered by expert hands is essential if you want to maintain beautiful and firm skin for longer.

For this, Germaine Goya, the most TOP beauty center in the Salamanca district, explains what happens to the skin at 40 and proposes professional treatments, designed for different skin types, with which to face the signs of aging and to look again the most natural and seductive.

1. Sagging generates loss of firmness in the face, that is, the fibers that support the skin decrease and, therefore, the concentration of elastin and collagen is reduced, generating less elasticity and resistance. It is very common that, from this age, it appears in areas such as the jaw, the double chin, the furrows at the end of the nose and the eyelids.

2. Dehydration due to water deficit in the epidermis is another of the most common signs caused by factors such as the weather, tobacco, lack of fluids and even a poor diet.

3. Malnutrition or dryness of the skin is manifested by reducing the sebaceous glands, responsible for synthesizing sebum and lubricating and protecting the surface of the skin. Regardless of skin type, the face can become dry at any time.

4. From the age of 40, the pigments are altered and the first spots begin to appear, usually due to previous and excessive sun exposure in the most visible areas: the face, neck, décolleté or shoulders.

5. One of the most telling signs of age is wrinkles. These expression lines formed in the frown, forehead or eye contour are accentuated over the years due to the cracking of the fibers of the dermis. They are the consequence of the decrease in collagen and the lack of elasticity among others.

6. The use of creams with SPF 25, 30 or 50 (depending on the type of skin) can account for 80% of your daily routine to fight against premature aging of the most sensitive areas exposed to all kinds of radiation and radicals free.

7. Cleanliness is vital to maintaining the naturalness of the skin. Using a cleansing gel or facial soap can be the best options to open pores, restore freshness to the skin and remove dirt deposited on the face during the day.

8. Likewise, special emphasis should be placed on both external and internal hydration. Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day will help you improve and gain the firmness, elasticity and lost luminosity.

9. The “antiaging” treatments will be your best allies to reduce marks. Use creams and supplements rich in vitamins C, such as serums, or hyaluronic acid, such as eye contours, to keep the area hydrated and increase its volume.

10. Good sleep is essential for the skin to regenerate. It is recommended to do it for 7 – 9 hours a day since the signs of fatigue are reflected on the face through the appearance of wrinkles, bags and dark circles and a duller skin tone.

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