So you can check that your baby hears well

How to know if your hearing baby it is good, it is a question that many mothers and fathers ask themselves. For years, the only clue to a problem was if there was no response to certain sounds or even a delay in speech. But today there are many study possibilities to detect hearing loss.

Early detection is essential to establish a treatment as soon as possible. If it is before two years of life, when the neuronal plasticity of the little boy is older, will have hearing of normal characteristics. However, if the baby he cannot hear well nor will he learn to speak well and this influences all aspects of his development.

Evoked potentials: it is a very reliable test. The ENT stimulates the auditory pathway of the baby and records the waves it emits. If it picks up waves it means that the brain has interpreted the sound that enters through the ear. Therefore, the newborn has hearing.

Oto-emitters: A probe is placed in the external auditory canal that records the spontaneous or provoked emission of sound stimuli. If there is a record, it means that the baby hey, 80 to 90 percent of the time. The other percent of doubt is due to certain exceptions, such as a disease called auditory neuropathy, which can cause the baby emit otoemissions and yet not hear.

Signs at home. In the first weeks of life, little boy You should wake up and spread your hands wide to loud sounds, such as an alarm clock or a slap.

Already at two months of life, it will turn its head towards a rattle that we make sound. At four months, it will be the baby who grabs those objects to see how they sound on more than one occasion.

From that moment on, a toy that imitates a certain sound, like that of animals. If he laughs, waves his hands or looks surprised, he is hearing well. He will also enjoy rattling the crib and high chair toys and will never tire of hearing them.

If parents perceive that he does not respond to these sound stimuli, it is advisable to consult an ENT specialist. It may be a partial hearing problem that is resolved with proper treatment.