So you can see the super deer moon 2023, the great full moon of July, this weekend

Astronomical events return. July will begin with the so-called deer supermoon, a full moon larger and brighter than normal that will noticeably brighten the night sky around the world this weekend, as long as clouds do not impede visibility.

On this occasion, the full moon phase will occur when the natural satellite is near its perigee, the closest point in its orbit to Earth. Because of that, it will be a supermoon, which is about 7% larger and 15% brighter than normal.

Full moon of July 2023: when will this supermoon be seen?

You can see the moon in its maximum splendor from the night of sunday july 2. The visible side of the satellite will reach its full phase on the morning of monday july 3so that same night will also be a good opportunity to observe it.

Why is the full moon in July called a stag moon?

The July full moon was named after the Old Farmer’s Almanac (USA), which was based on the names used by North American tribes to name the full moon of each month.

In this case, the name is due to the fact that at this time of year, the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere, the male deer begin to develop their new antlers.

How can we see it?

To appreciate the supermoon it is not necessary to travel to remote places. Its brightness will be so noticeable that it can even be seen from big cities. Of course, an at least moderately clear sky will be necessary.

Like all full moons, this one will appear immediately after sunset, over the eastern horizon. As the night progresses, it will cross the sky and follow the same path as the sun until it finally sets in the west at dawn.