Soap opera villain David Ostrosky has his arm amputated

the mexican actor David Ostroskyknown for roles in soap operas “María from the Neighborhood”, he “Daniela’s Diary” and the series “La Casa de las Flores”He fights for his health. According to information disclosed by TVNotas, they amputated a arm.

Last year he had to abandon the recordings of his latest project, the telenovela ‘Overcoming Absence’which was broadcast on Televisa’s Las Estrellas, to face cancer.

In such a situation, the role of ‘Homer Funes’ was taken by actor Rodrigo Murray.

“When carrying out studies, they found an abnormal ball in a armwhich caused him severe neck and spine pain,” a source added to the magazine.

The doctors determined that so that no more affected organs could be seen, amputate the arm.

In an interview with Televisa Espectáculos, Ostrosky then revealed that the doctors found a tumor in it armnews that was positive for him, since the cancer had not touched any vital organ.

“What hurt me was the armbut the doctors said it was the neck until one told me (…) to have an MRI arm and said and done, I bring a tumor in it arm. I am very grateful to life and to God that it was in the arm and not in any organ where it affects”, he explained a few months ago.

“It happened to me at a very difficult time, because in the history of my entire career I have never missed a call until the day I could no longer move. I spoke with Rosy Ocampo and told her I can’t move, I can’t go to the call “, said.

Since then, he has stayed away from the spotlight, without giving interviews or statements. The last time she updated her Instagram account was in mid-2022, when she was still recording ‘Vencer la ausencia’.

So far, the information that they have amputated the arm as part of the fight against cancer, has not been confirmed by him, his wife Belinda Slomianski or other relatives.

The soap opera villain reports that the 66-year-old veteran performer made more than 30 soap operas and twenty series and movies. In almost all of them he has been the villain par excellence.

“I am a very grateful human being, imagine having found what you like to do and apart from that you live from it,” he once said.

He participated in the Spanish series “Vis a Vis” and “La Casa de las Flores” and, in the cinema, with Like Water for Chocolate and The Second Night.