Soldiers arrive in British Columbia after flooding

A team of Canadian soldiers was in British Columbia Thursday to assess the needs of local authorities, who are dealing with floods and mudslides that have led to evacuations, blocked roads and killed at least one person and thousands of others. farm animals.

British Columbia Prime Minister John Horgan has declared a state of emergency after record-breaking rains battered much of the southern province for more than 48 hours. Premier Justin Trudeau has said that several hundred Canadian soldiers will help deal with the devastation.

One person was confirmed dead in a landslide that dragged vehicles off a highway near the town of Pemberton, and authorities continue to search for victims.

The Canadian Joint Operations Command said nine soldiers from the Canadian 3rd Division Immediate Response Unit, based in Edmonton, arrived in the province Wednesday night to review the scene before planning and coordinating relief efforts.

All major routes between Greater Vancouver, Canada‘s third most populous city, and the interior of the province of British Columbia were blocked by ruptures in roads caused by water, floods or landslides.

After dairy farms were flooded around the town of Abbotsford, and with transportation routes closed, the province could face a shortage of dairy products.

“There will be a short-term disruption, but everyone involved in the industry is trying to get things back to normal as quickly as possible so that this entire supply chain has some semblance of normalcy again,” Holger said Thursday. Schwichtenberg, president of the British Columbia Dairy Association.

The floods are also causing delays in deliveries of Pfizer Canada products, including the company’s COVID-19 vaccine.